pregnancy, weekly update

14 Weeks!

Hello there ladies and gents. Everyone keeps commenting on how fast my pregnancy is going by. I suppose I can see it too, but it doesn’t seem that fast. I mean I’m the one who’s still feeling like crap, ya know?

How far along? 14 weeks today.
Total weight gain: I honestly have no idea. 4-5 pounds I believe. It’s not really visible anywhere other than my boobs and my stomach, so I’m not too worried. I’ll find out an exact number tonight at my appointment though.
Maternity clothes? Get this! I went from my normal clothes to needing maternity clothes and right now? Yeah I’m in normal (glittery!!!) jeans, and a regular sweater.
Stretch marks? Still without new ones, thankfully.
Sleep: I slept in until my alarm one day this week!!! I’m sleeping more so through the night again. Unless my husband decides I’m his pillow like he did last night.
Best moment this week: Sleeping in until my alarm.
Worst moment this week: Having morning sickness back. I could always do without that one.
Miss anything? I miss not feeling disgusting about food. We used to have a wonderful relationship, and now we’re not doing so hot.
Movement: Nope. Last week was totally gas.
Food cravings: McDicks french fries, all the way. The saltier, the better.
Anything making you queasy or sick: It still really depends on the day.
Gender: I’m voting boy, but the gender prediction tests lean towards girl. I should be able to find out in 4 or so weeks though.
Labor signs: No.
Symptoms: My headache would like to voice that it’s a pretty prominent symptom right now. The morning sickness agrees. Their only friend at the moment is my giant boobs.
Belly button in or out? Still in.
Wedding rings on or off? On.
Happy or moody most of the time: I thought I’d been mostly content but apparently I’ve been very hormonal. Guess sometimes it takes an outsider to tell you how you’re really feeling?
Looking forward to: Having today’s appointment over with. I’m also looking forward to talking the doctor and seeing if we can get a referral for my next ultrasound under way since I cancelled my 3D one (I couldn’t justify spending 255$ on a few pictures and some screen time). If not, I’ll be asking if I can move my next appointment a week earlier (I’ll be exactly 18 weeks then) so we can get a glimpse sooner.
I know for this pregnancy I’ve been pretty lucky so far. They still want me taking calcium and Aspirin to prevent the preeclampsia. Unfortunately, I still can’t even tolerate prenatals, so they’re out of luck. Considering that, the fact that yesterday/today has been my worst headache thus far, and I don’t have too many symptoms, I feel extremely pleased with my body.
Until next week!

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