Gender Prediction Tests

I keep trying to find out if this baby is a boy or girl. Call me nosy, but I like to plan things out as much as possible. So far these are the results we have:

The Chinese Gender Chart says based on my Lunar age and Lunar month that we conceived in, we are having a girl. This one was the one I used as it was easiest for me.

The Ring Test says circles for everyone who has done it. Circles say girl. When I had Camo, it said boy right away and it was correct.

My cravings are inconsistent thus far. One minute I want salt and vinegar chips, and the next I want chocolate. So that wive’s tale is inconclusive.

This time around I am having headaches, so this points towards boy. Last time I didn’t have any headaches though, so we’ll see how accurate this is.

Thus far my morning sickness is more morning queasiness which indicates boy. This proved wrong though last time around when I was sick every day, multiple times a day for more than my first trimester.

My oldest’s first word was dada which suggests another boy in our future. Had it been mama, it would have meant girl.

I prefer sleeping on my right side, which indicates girl.

My hands are soft and when showing them, I show them palm side up. Both say that it’s a girl.

I am 100% more moody this pregnancy. This also says girl.

The Odd Numbers tale says that if your age and the month of conception are both odd or even it’s girl, one of each means boy. I’m 22 and conceived on August 1st according to my last period. This is another for girl!

The Second Odd Numbers tale says that if your age and the year of conception added together are odd it’s girl, even means boy. I hit odd with 22 + 2013, so girl.

My breast size has increased for sure but they say if your right breast is larger than your left, you’re having a girl. This one votes girl as well.

Girls – 9                      Boys – 3

Girls seems to be winning by a landslide! I can’t wait until December when we find out!


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